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New Publication: The RNA-binding protein Vigilin is increased in hepatic steatosis and regulates VLDL secretion through modulation of Apob mRNA translation.

Vigilin is the largest RNA-binding protein of the KH domain family. The authors show that in the liver vigilin binds to CU-rich regions in the mRNA coding sequence of a subset of secretory proteins, including Apob  and other proatherogenic proteins, and regulates VLDL secretion and hepatic metabolism.   Read more 


Coincidental null mutation of Csf2rα in a colony of PI3Kγ-/- mice causes alveolar macrophage deficiency and fatal respiratory viral infection

PI3Kγ plays a key role in inflammatory diseases and cancer. Transgenic animals have been essential to study molecular mechanisms. We identify multiple additional genome mutations in a PI3Kγ-deficient mouse colony including a deleterious STOP mutation in the GM-CSFRa chain. The animals consequently lacked alveolar macrophages and succumbed rapidly to influenza virus infection. By separating the mutations, we established a unique Csf2ra mouse model to study intrinsic GM-CSFR signaling in vivo . Read more 


Investigating the molecular mechanisms of Tsix antisense RNA involved in the regulation of X-chromosome inactivation

The Molecular Health Sciences Seminar by Prof. Dr. Tatsuya Ohhata from the Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan, will take place on Friday, October 7, at 2 pm in HPL J34. Guest are very welcome!   Read more 

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