Welcome to the Molecular Health Sciences (MHS) Platform of ETH Zurich

By taking a broad approach that integrates biology, medicine and technology, scientists at the MHS Platform pursue a wide rage of projects in the area of Molecular Health Sciences, a field of research that aims at understanding tissue and organ functions and their responses to stress, disease and therapy and at providing the scientific foundation for the development of diagnostics and therapeutics for personalized health care.

Scientific investigations at the MHS Platform are enabled through a number of technology centers including the ETH Phenomics Center that also serve the broader health science research community. Investigations are also enriched through a network of academic alliances. The application of scientific knowledge is pursued through industrial alliances and unique on-site innovation and entrepreneurship Laboratories (ieLabs).

As part of an institution of higher education, the MHS Platform provides modern teaching laboratories and offers educational programs in cell biology and molecular health sciences to educate the best students from all over the world in biological and translational sciences.

Collectively, the MHS Platform provides a vibrant ecosystem for students, postdocs, professional scientists, administrative staff and academic faculty to produce, together with partners from around the globe, scientific knowledge along the continuum from basic discovery, through translation to improved health care.

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