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NEXUS user meeting (Theragnostics Discovery Unit): Monday, May 8, 2017, 10:15 at HPL J34

The goal of this meeting is to discuss current and future methods, learn about needs and give the users opportunity to shape the NEXUS service catalogue. Blaise Calpe will speak about a 3D culture high-content screen to identify hypoxia induced vulnerabilities of cancer cells , and Falco Kilchmann will present the technical background on chemical tools offered at NEXUS. You will also have the chance to discuss implementation of your screening project and new methods/technologies required. Read more 


Publication: Vector Integration Sites Identification for Gene-Trap Screening in Mammalian Haploid Cells.

Forward genetic screens using retroviral gene-trap vectors in a haploid genome revolutionized the investigation of molecular networks in mammals. The analysis of human and mouse haploid screens allowed the authors Yu and Ciaudo to describe PhiT-seq data and to define quality control steps. Integration of transcriptomic data improved the performance of candidate gene identification. Finally, the authors developed: VISITs, a dedicated pipeline for analyzing PhiT-seq data. Read more 


Publication: Versatility of DGCR8 controls stem cell fate

This feature editorial by Cirera-Salinas et al. is a follow up on their recent paper in JCB (2017) entitled "Nanocanonical function of DGCR8 controls mESC exit from pluripotency".  Read more 

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