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Stem cell-associated plasticity of the adult brain

New neurons are continuously generated in two discrete areas of the adult brain – the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus and the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricles. Our group is interested in the underlying biology of adult neurogenesis, including the fate plasticity of adult neural stem cells (NSCs) and the molecular mechanisms governing stem cell activity and neuronal integration. Our projects also aim to understand the functional contribution of adult neurogenesis to normal hippocampal function and its role in neurogenesis-associated diseases such as major depression, ageing, and epilepsy.

Previous, Current and Future Research

The finding that new neurons are continuously born in the adult brain has challenged traditional concepts of brain plasticity. Our efforts are focused on several aspects of adult neurogenesis (please check also for details):

  • Molecular mechanisms underlying stem cell activity and neuronal differentiation
  • Integration of newborn neurons
  • Mechanisms underlying age-dependent decrease of neurogenesis
  • In vivo reprogramming of adult neural stem cells
  • Functional relevance of adult neurogenesis
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