Prof. Dr. Dietbert Neumann

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Prof. Dr. Dietbert Neumann

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Prof. Dr. Dietbert Neumann

Maastricht University / Dept. of Molecular Genetics

PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht

Phone: +31 43 388-1998

The Integration of Cellular Metabolism into the Protein Kinase Signaling Network

Cells receive a multitude of extracellular signals for normal development, proliferation, growth, cell-cell interaction, adhesion, cell polarity and metabolic functions. These signals are processed by cellular receptors and transmitted into the cell via signaling cascades. Based on available information cells either proliferate, differentiate or die. The metabolic status of the cell, however, strongly impacts on the cellular responsiveness to environmental cues. Our research focus is centered on the ability of the cell to make decisions on the basis of metabolic information. The knowledge of signaling circuits and mechanisms mediating metabolic control is providing key insights also into human disease, such as cancer, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, where defective metabolic control is a hallmark of pathogenesis. In our laboratory we combine functional genomics and biochemistry, with cell biological and biophysical tools. To efficiently address important biological questions, we are constantly developing and applying new technologies in-house or in collaboration with scientists worldwide. Further, it is envisaged to exploit novel findings for the development of new mechanism-based drugs to combat human diseases.

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